Gmail Sign In

Now a day having a Gmail account is as essential as having a bank account. An email account is the crux of receiving and sending important communication within seconds, and of course being in touch with your near and dear. So guys’ creating an account is merely your cup of tea.

The steps are very simple and are as follows:
Open the Gmail sign in page, on the right hand corner you will see the sign up tab. simply click on the tab and it will lead you to a page where you need to fill in your essential information, for instance your name, phone number, alternative email ID, date of birth, security questions and so on. Feed in the information and move on to the next page.

gmail sign up new accoun

Select Username:

The next step is very easy where you will be asked about your username preferences. One can check whether the username they have selected is still available or not. After selecting your username name you can choose a particular photograph for your profile picture. It will fun because your entire contact list can view this profile picture. This particular profile picture will be attached with your new Gmail account. If you use any other Google services then this picture will be attached to those sites like Google chrome, Google+ and so on. You can set the settings according to your wish. If you want to change your settings for privacy or blocking any person from sending emails, you can do this very easily.

gmail sign up new account

After your Gmail account has been created and you can start emailing your friends, family and business persons. Basically you can manage your account and keep a track of your recent activities and stuff. Just have with your new Gmail account where you can feed in your new relation status or any quotes on your status tab. Send requests to your friends. It is advisable that one should change their Gmail passwords quite often to prevent from email hacking. You can chat with friends and see who is online or offline, send similes and enjoy your time with friends.

gmail account sign up
The next page is your Google Profile.  Here you can expand on your profile, manage security settings, manage your account storage and keep track of all your Google activities. Make sure your security and privacy set up is as you require. Gmail account is as simple to use as having an ice-cream. The main intention is to give their users exactly what they need, and that is a quick and efficient service. One can enjoy the other features as well as do their work in a better way.

Finally you’ll end up on the Account Profile page where you can see all of your Google activites.  This is your “union station” so to speak.  From here you can go in all directions in the Google universe!