7 Tips & Tricks for working with Gmail

Gmail is already very user-friendly, but with these little tricks it’s even easier. Unclutter your mailbox, block unwanted messages and more.

1.   Undo send emails

Ever had that small heart-attack when you realise you’ve send the email to the wrong person or forget to include the attachment? This could be avoided by the undo option that Gmail provides. Go to the gear-icon on the right side and choose ‘settings’. On the settings page, go to the tab ‘labs’ and scroll down to ‘undo send’ and choose enable. Now, when you send an email, there will appear a box ‘email send – undo’. This works only for a few seconds after you send the message, so you still have to be quick to undo it.

2.    Sending yourself emails

A lot of people send emails to themselves to save documents online. It clutters your inbox and there are better solutions to save your important documents online. There are a lot of online storing facilities such as MyDocsOnline, Dropbox, flipdrive and many more. Dropbox is probably the most well-known, and the easiest to use. It’s free when you use less than 2GB.

3.    Keyboard shortcuts

Gmail provides a lot of shortcuts for sending your messages. There are a bunch of combinations, which you can find here. However if you only send a few messages a week, it’s not worth it to take the time to learn them all.

4.    Add or delete Gmail tabs

This new feature of Gmail gives a better overview over all your messages, for more information click here. It’s also possible to add or remove the tabs. Click on the plus-sign on the right of the tabs and a window opens where you can choose which tabs to enable and which to hide.

5.    Block unwanted messages

Spam messages are on the top of the list with annoying things. Some mails keep coming even when you opt-out. Gmail makes it possible to put these directly in the bin.
Just follow these simple steps:

  • On the right of the search field there’s a small triangle. It’s called the ‘show search option triangle’, click it and a form appears.
  • Type in the email address of the person you want to block in the first box.
  • Click on ‘create filter with this search’ in the right bottom corner.
  • Check the ‘delete it’ and click on create filter

From now on, all these e-mails will be send automatically in the bin and you don’t have to deal with them anymore.

6.    Use the Gmail checker

The Gmail checker is a small icon on the right of your address bar. It tells you if you’ve received any messages without having to open your mailbox. It saves a lot of time and the important messages get your attention right away.

For instructions how to install this application, check our other blog post here.

7.   Use a signature                 

Avoid typing your credentials over and over again by using a signature. A signature is an automated text at the end of on email, which could contain your name and contact number. It looks sophisticated and professional.
To install a signature, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the settings gear on the right of your screen and choose settings in the menu that appears.
  • Normally you’ll land directly on the general settings tab, if not click on the left tab that says ‘General’.
  • Scroll down until you find ‘Signature’.
  • Type the message you want to appear on the bottom of each message you send. There are some icons on the top of the text box you can use to change your font, text size, text colour or even insert an image.
  • If you’re satisfied, click ‘save changes’ on the bottom of the page.

I hope some of these tips helped you. Enjoy!

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