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Opening a new Gmail account is a piece of cake. The Google team has kept this thing in mind that the services should be easy and a piece of cake for the users. Basically all the steps are quite simple and easy to understand and follow. Just click on the Gmail homepage and you will see a sign up tab.

Sign Up:

This tab signifies that you want to sign up for the Gmail account service and are fine with the terms and conditions. One should carefully read these terms and conditions. Simply click on the sign up and fill in all the required or mandatory fields such as name, date of birth and so on. Immediately a notification message will pop up on your mobile number which you may have entered while signing up. This code is nothing but a verification code for security purpose, an alpha numeric word which you should enter appropriately on the space given. As soon as the sign up is over the next level or page will be creating a username for your account.

Gmail account user name:

The second step would be creating your username which will be displayed while you send any email or use the chatting services. Usually when people create a Gmail account for any official purpose they try to feed in their full name, but it absolutely your choice. After selecting a username, one can then check for the availability of that particular username. If any other user is already using your selected username then you have to change the username slightly for example, shahrukh123 to shahrukh111 and so on.

Managing your Gmail account:

After you have given in all the required details, you can put one security question to help your self in case you forget your password in future. Generally one should change the Gmail account password frequently to avoid any privacy issues. The setting can be managed easily and without any hassles.

Choose any photograph and attach to your profile, your friends can see this picture. The security setting is easy to understand and use.

As soon as you finish creating a Gmail account you can invite all your buddies and send them requests. Then a tab will appear to continue to Gmail. This tab will directly take you to your Gmail account which is now accessible. Just take your time and enjoy your new Gmail account.

You will be taken to the following page where you begin the Gmail log in process. You will be prompted to enter basic information such as your name, desired email address, password, birthdate and a few more things.

The next page shows your username and gives you the chance to choose a profile picture.  This is important as it is the picture that will be attached to your Gmail account for all activities, including Google Plus, Google Circles, Gmail and Chrome.



*This site is in no way affiliated with Google or the Gmail brand. It is simply an informative site providing advice on signing into Gmail*

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